The attorneys at Brown, Kerdock & Lynch have provided expert legal advice to buyers and sellers of property for over 30 years. You can be assured that we have encountered virtually every situation that could arise and possess the experience and expertise to resolve problems swiftly and thoroughly.

PURCHASING - A home is a big investment, most likely one of the largest investments you will make. Unlike many other states, Pennsylvania does not mandate attorney representation at a real estate closing nor does it provide for a 3-day review period. In light of the complexity involved in buying or selling a home today, can you afford not to seek expert advice?

DREAM HOME - Finding a home is only the first step in a lengthy process. Your real estate agent will assist you in locating a home which meets your needs but, finding a house is not buying a house.

  • The Agreement of Sale is a legally binding contract which specifies all the details of your home purchase or sale. It is the most important document you will sign and deserves careful review by an experienced real estate attorney.

At Brown, Kerdock & Lynch, understand your time is important and offer prompt review of sales contracts virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Service is our top priority and we know it is absolutely vital to review the Agreement before it is signed.

MORTGAGE, INSPECTIONS, TITLE SEARCH - Once you have negotiated a contract with the buyer or seller, many buyers will choose to finance a portion of the sales price through a mortgage. At the same time, every sales contract should provide for a series of inspections such as water, sewer, termite, radon and overall property integrity. By careful attention to these items, we can protect you as a buyer or seller from unforeseen complications and expenses.

  • TITLE SEARCH/INSURANCE - A title search is the close examination of the county land records to determine previous ownership of your property and other issues which could affect the enjoyment of the property such as outstanding mortgages, judgments, easements and other liens.
  • SETTLEMENT - Settlement is where everyone comes together. Buyers, sellers, realtors, attorneys, title clerks and sometimes even mortgage representatives meet at an agreed upon location at the same time to sign the final paperwork and exchange funds. Closing can be either a pleasant experience or one you would rather forget. Our goal, as your representative, is to ensure the process occurs smoothly. This can only be accomplished by careful attention to details beforehand and prompt follow up as necessary.

Traditionally, both the buying and listing realtors are considered the agents of the seller. Their fee (commission) is only paid if the settlement occurs. Unless your realtor is a buyer’s agent, no one at the closing table represents your interest as a buyer, except your attorney.

As providers of professional services,Brown, Kerdock & Lynch are keenly aware that our future business depends on the satisfaction of past clients. We have conducted a multi-year survey of all past clients to determine what we are doing right and conversely, where improvement is needed. It was extremely gratifying to learn nearly every one of our past clients have rated our service excellent. We welcome the opportunity to provide the same level of service to your real estate needs.


  • Initial consultation with an experienced real estate attorney.
  • Reasonable fees (many times 100% reimbursable under corporate relocation guidelines)
  • Title examination and title insurance services
  • Accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Complete and thorough review of contracts of sale and other related documents
  • Personal attendance at settlement
  • Convenient office locations in Bucks, Chester, Cumberland and Montgomery Counties
  • Member Cendant Mobility Services -LTC Network
  • Full service before, during and after closing
  Brown, Kerdock & Lynch additionally focuses its practices in Estate Planning. Any Estate Plan or Will should be reviewed yearly and updated as necessary. The Tax Reform Act of 1997 has increased the Uniform Tax Credit for federal estate tax purposes. We consider it highly advisable to review your estate plan to minimize the potential impact of federal estate taxes on the property passing to your loved ones. Many tax saving techniques are available to avoid or decrease the impact of these federal taxes, and if appropriate, our firm will work in conjunction with a financial planner to insure that your interest are protected. Our attorneys are available to meet with you at any time for a free initial meeting to discuss options available to you.

Our firm provides services in the area of corporate and commercial law. Services rendered by our firm include: Negotiating, drafting and implementing various corporate and commercial transactions including the purchase and sale of closely held businesses involving both asset purchases and stock sales, transfers of various interests in commercial real estate, including sales and leasing transactions, and the purchase and/or provision of various intellectual property such as software and hardware licensing agreements.

Included in our commercial representation is the representation with respect to various clients concerning employment relationships. Such employment and personal service relationship agreements have included the entering into and termination with respect to various executives for both closely held and Fortune 500 corporations. These types of employment and/or personal service agreements have also included the entering into partnership or shareholder relationships with various professional practices such as physicians, attorneys and business professionals and the termination thereof. Such relationships also have included stock purchase plans and other incentive programs offered by our corporate clients from time to time.

Our corporate and commercial practice also dovetails with our real estate practice. We represent a number of residential relocation corporations and firms, some of which are publicly traded, and in addition to acting as regional counsel for these various organizations we also provide a significant amount of corporate and commercial representation with respect to the corporate legal departments of these relocation companies.

Our firm also has a very active estate planning and taxation practice. The bulk of the estate planning practice involves planning for and the representation of estates with a goal to minimize federal estate and inheritance taxes and the concurrent tax strategies necessary to achieve that goal and provide for the reasonable needs of your loved ones.


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